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Though reconstructions were in order around Lagrica and Versau, a shadow loomed over the continent nearby. Brivaean vigor reverbrated the victories earned in Elissia and Relats all the while one of the largest campaigns was underway in the Republic of Silum. In his absensce, the Tsar delegated power to the three sub-realm leaders in Varilea who each amassed their armies to march south. Five divisions of Dacon, Skoralov, Meridian, Rabatean and even Jaosai soldiers fortified the outermost fortifications of the Silumese heartlands, numbering almost a hundred thousand in total, as much as the two great armies had together.

Their march was led by the trio of rulers in Varilea: the petite and small framed Natalia, often arguing and shouting at the bulky and gigantic Vojtech, with only the beautiful though somewhat eccentric Antonia standing between the two. The three royal courts convened mid-January to draft a plan of defenses: hundreds of military officers were delegated to different castles, forts and posts along the coastline, where the hundred thousand aimed to cover the whole of south-western Varilea.

Revelations arrived with a single patrol ship returning, unharmed though her sailors malnourished. They gave word to the Silumese Princess about the course of the Belgravian navy, and their possible landfall: the island-county of Capena, a personal demesne of the Princess herself. The front-line was re-arranged to brace for an impact, with the whole of the Silumese ship departing the arsenal to make their way to the shores.

The Belgravian forces arrived next day and engulfed the sandy beaches with a blanket of gunpowder smoke, to which the Vestorean side answered with a carnage of magical missiles, rockets and culverin shots. The morning turned into afternoon, which soon grew dark for a silent evening where checkered flags on both sides called for a ceasefire. For six hours, both sides could lift and remove their dead men from the sands and make precautions against diseases, burning them each. Then, at the first morning light, the cascade of cannonballs, arrows, crossbow bolts, spells and the flurry of blades continued.

For six days the two armies fought, leaving well over twenty thousand dead on either side. The outermost islands of the Silumese archipelago fell to the Belgravians one-by-one, with encampments and outposts established to aid the invasion’s flow towards the mainland. The seventh day saw a massive influx of Belgravian soldiers to the main island which forced all forces to retreat into the castles miles into the land. It was at this point where the triumvirate of Varilean royals finally agreed on something: that the battle was lost.

Continue reading the world progression here and find out what will become of the Belgravian war by joining the server!

Crafting update: 0.2

[Preferred] Lord_Immortal aPreferredLore 2Con 1Tech 3 posted Sun at 20:08

Up until now, the Business and Crafting system has had information all over the place. This post will simplify and centralise it.

What is the crafting system?

The crafting system is simple. You need a combination of lore item ingredients to make a final lore item product. Lore item products can then be sold to players.

For example:

1 iron ingot + 1 wood = 1 pitchfork.

Recipes can be found here:]


How do I get ingredients?

Lore item ingredients can be purchased from player businesses, or from the NPC merchant guild;]

Guild prices are much higher than player businesses.


I’m a player business and I want to sell ingredients! Where do I get those?

Selling ingredients is known as wholesaling. To become a wholesaler simply apply for a business on the forums. Once accepted, you’ll be automatically logged into the system, and receive your stock. The more ‘shops’ you own, the more and better quality stock you get. Shops do not have to be physical locations.


The wholesale system sheet can be found here;]


For example:

House Thane owns the Thane Forges. The Thane Forges own 3 ‘shops’ (The Light Forge, The Dragon Forge, and the Thane Forge). They get the benefit of owning all three, and receive the opportunity for further stock accordingly. However, they receive no actual added benefits such as more pay.

Secondarily, a roll will be conducted each week for wholesalers. In addition to normal stock, there’s a chance to get a custom order for no cost. See more information on the appropriate spreadsheet;

How do I craft?

Once you have the necessary ingredients, simply apply for your item(s) on the Weekly Custom Order;]

A Lore staff member will drop it/them into your inventory, or your designated chest.

I’m a non-wholesaler player business. What can I do?

To get your stock, first you have to buy ingredients from wholesalers. Wholesalers can be NPCs, or they can be player businesses. This includes EVERY business. Tailors needs cloth, and restaurants need spices. Once you have your stock, you can sell it at whatever price you like.


Why should I buy from businesses anyway?

Simple. You really shouldn’t rp having an item, unless you have that item in your inventory, with the exception of items reasonably gained from the environment.If you don't have an item, any other roleplayer or a GM has the right to roleplay as if you didn't have it.

Additionally, some items grant stat boosts. The specifics can be found here;]

Where can I read more?

On the wiki:

Written by InDogsWeTrust

July 2017
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